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MMI Restaurant Group Partners with Primos Cafe

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Two Jackson-based, family businesses are partnering to continue the long standing tradition of quality and delicious food and the exceptional hospitality customers count on.

What once began as the small bakery of Greek immigrant Angelo “Pop” Primos in the 1920’s has steadily grown into the award-winning, multi-location, Southern-style restaurant it is today. The three restaurants spread across Greater Jackson demonstrate the evolution of the Primos brand from what his parents and grandfather offered the community in a 45,000 square foot deli, café and catering hall at Northgate for 37 years (notwithstanding the 35 years of restaurant history preceding). An intent passion for Don Primos, third-generation owner of Primos Cafe, has been to ensure the future of Primos is grounded in longevity and that his employees and their customers can work and dine in a unique, family oriented environment for years to come. With the next generation of Primos family members both living outside of Mississippi, he began to explore alternatives. “We are honored to carry forward the cafe concept and are especially excited to do so with a Primos family member continuing to be involved,” noted Micajah Sturdivant, principal of MMI Hospitality Group.

“We initially approached Primos because we were huge fans of their product,” says Sturdivant. “It was apparent they focused on creating excellent food while upholding the paramount values of quality and consistency. That was extremely important to us.” We know MMI will bring resources and operational expertise to position ourselves for even greater success in the future,” Primos says. “MMI’s deep heritage in hospitality will be beneficial to Primos Cafe and our present impact will remain.”

The Jones, Sturdivant and Cockayne families that lead MMI Hospitality Group are honored to be entrusted with the Primos legacy. As a third-generation division, in part of a sixth-generation family business, MMI recognizes the delicate nature with which brands and business dynamics must be managed through the years. thus making it a keen partner for strategic growth. The inclusion of MMI provides Kenya Parks, long-time operations leader within Don’s team, to step into newly-formed MMI Restaurant Group’s lead role. All current Primos employees will immediately become MMI team members with Don Primos remaining as a consultant. “I’m confident in the future knowing that Kenya and our store teams have access to the breadth and depth of resources MMI provides. I’m pleased to partner with another family-run business to move the brand forward and with whom I know will embody the values that are critical to quality service in our community.” notes Don Primos

The partnership between MMI and Primos Cafe is effective immediately.

“At MMI, we believe that restaurants don’t simply arrive,” says Sturdivant. “They are created from both a well-executed vision and a commitment to ideals that are unwavering. “It is no coincidence that Primos is consistently ranked as the No. 1 Bakery, Blue Plate and Breakfast spot, both by Mississippians and a national audience. We look forward to building on this legacy that has been part of the lives and memories of Mississippians for generations.

Primos Cafe was founded in 1929 by Greek immigrant Angelo “Pop” Primos. Pop shared his love for cooking and his desire to serve the public with his family. This vision and dedication is what we enjoy today - a place where family and friends gather, share a delicious meal and are greeted warmly by all who work within its walls.

MMI Hospitality Group, founded as a partnership between Earle Jones and Mike Sturdivant, is a holding company of real estate and service-industry specific operating companies founded in 1956. The Jackson, MS-based company does business across a variety of service industry sectors including hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants, bars, clubs and food service management. This 2021, MMI celebrates 65 years of service.

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