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Mississippi Hotel Family to Steward Beloved Switzerland Inn

Little Switzerland, NC - The Switzerland Inn is on the verge of a transition. Having

long preserved the inn's unique charm and appeal, the Jensen family has selected the principals of MMI Hotel Group to steward the next chapter in this nearly sixty-year-old hotel.


The inn has a storied past and is the only privately owned commercial business with direct access to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This strategic location has allowed the Switzerland Inn to attract a significant portion of the over 15 million annual parkway visitors.


As the third generation to lead MMI, Micajah Sturdivant brings his small-town family roots to the table, emphasizes a deep commitment to preserving the inn’s rich legacy. "We want to support what the Jensen’s have done in the past," says Sturdivant, recognizing the inn's role as a "living room" for the community.


Sturdivant's vision for the inn involves a gradual and respectful evolution, aiming to preserve its strong bond with the parkway, Little Switzerland’s founding and the regional community. "We appreciate all the love the Jensen’s have poured into the property and want to carry that forward," he comments. In line with this, Sturdivant plans to retain the existing staff and vendors. The third generation of Jensen’s, Jordan and Nathan Gowan, will continue to work and live at the Inn.   "We look forward to getting to know our new neighbors and proving that we respect the team, the community, and everyone as guests," he adds.


The Switzerland Inn, with its panoramic views and deep historical roots, is set to continue as a beacon of hospitality and charm under its new guardianship, welcoming both familiar faces and new visitors to experience its enduring allure.

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