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MMI Celebrates Turning 65 Years Young

The MMI Hospitality Group, originally known as Mississippi Management, Inc. recently celebrated its 65th anniversary on May 19th, 2021. During the celebration, the organization announced the formation of The Gaines P. Sturdivant Stronger Together Fund. The fund was seeded with a $25,000 contribution by the company in honor of its Chairman of the Board Gaines Sturdivant and established to assist MMI team members in times of need.

(left-to-right): Gaines Sturdivant, Irene Jones, Ronnie Cockayne, Micajah Sturdivant

While the industry has changed a great deal since 1956, MMI role as a leader and innovator in the hotel and hospitality industry has remained the same. “We still believe in old fashioned Southern Hospitality, and people remain our priority,” says Micajah Sturdivant, MMI’s President, and CEO. “Service reigns supreme – we serve our guests, our team, and our communities. MMI seeks partnerships with owners who expect a professional, personalized support system for their hospitality investments.”

“While still staying true to the company’s roots, MMI has evolved and improved, positioning itself for exciting growth. The company’s management leadership team has been renewed with seasoned industry professionals bringing their experience to the table at MMI Hotel Group.”

“MMl’s diverse and cycle-tested team has been together for years and has helped us carry forward industry-leading management performance with a fully-realized track record spanning multiple decades. We remain committed to investing in our next generation of leadership as we advance our growth and ensure lasting success.”

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